top 5 ‘lbums

5. Trelm and the Faucet Tossers- Axis Cleanse

4. Basic Hold Men - Angel Tast

3. Connor Rubik’s Cub- My Wonderful Baby

2. Jeremiah Regency - Apple Tree Death Trap

1. Ceville Gonzo- Organic Trap Beats mix1


Presenting: Phear - Skulls & Blood
Grant’s horrifying composition of tracks by Phear.
“The newest album ‘Skulls & Blood’ will absolutely knock your socks  off.  You’ll be screaming so loud only an ice cold Pepsi could relieve  your dry throat.”

idc. these are good enough.



Like This - Cunning Lady Kill’rs

This is possibly a thing that I helped to make. A little bit of a Valentine’s Day treat

string theory. but not bad. just loaded with irony. as any ‘song’ is.

This is my pal, Charlt.